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Sport's Team Vests


If you are interested in having a sport's theme vest for your favorite team you may purchase your desired fabric and have it shipped to me. I am not licensed to sell these vests but you may hire me to make it for you with your own fabric. You likely have a local Joann Fabric Store or can go on line and google the name of the team with "fabric" after it to find one of the many online fabric stores where you can order it and have it shipped to me - Nancy McTear, 12704 Still Pond Rd. , Still Pond, MD. 21667. Email me or call me to discuss it. I will charge $35 including my shipping cost. Contact me to discuss size and amount of fabric. My vests are reversible so you could have a different team on each side. Sizes XL & 2 XL would require one and a half yards of fabric for the outside and one and a half yards for the inside fabric. Sizes M & L would require one and a quater yard for each side.

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